Cognitive Robotics

The research being carried out in the department of Cognitive Robotics is being funded by several national and international bodies. The researchers are working on a range of projects including machine learning, neuroscience, animal behaviour, interactive skill learning, and neurobiology. In addition to their research, they have received grants from the NWO and the European … Read more

Human-Robot Interaction – Problems and Approaches

This article will discuss several aspects of Human-Robot Interaction, including the Problems and Approaches that researchers are currently using. It will also discuss a few examples of recent studies that have explored the potential of collaboration between humans and machines. Finally, we will discuss how future developments of Human-Robot Interaction may impact the work of … Read more

Art and Entertainment Robotics

Artists are developing robotic creatures to perform acts of art. They have dubbed these robots ArtSBot, RoboThespian, Gudel, and Rodney Brooks. Unlike humans, these robots can do all types of choreography. Some are so realistic and lifelike that viewers will be unable to distinguish the difference between them and human actors. Others are just bizarre … Read more

Wall Climbing Robots and Their Applications

Wall Climbing Robots are highly versatile machines that move over complex 3D environments and perform a variety of tasks. These robots can be used to replace human workers in potentially dangerous environments and eliminate the need for expensive scaffolding. As climbing robots are self-supporting, they can carry sensors and tools. These devices also require an … Read more

Types of Robots Available Today

What types of robots are available today? Drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) are one example of unmanned robots. Cartesians, meanwhile, are flexible and adaptable robots that can work in large spaces. They tend to be slower than other types of robots, and they have the disadvantage of being difficult to maintain clean in dirty environments. Read … Read more

The Benefits of Automation for Your Business

Automation is a technique of reducing human intervention in processes. This is done by predetermining subprocess relationships, actions, and related outcomes, and enacting those predeterminations in machines. It can be used in many applications, including healthcare, education, and manufacturing. But there are many benefits of automation. To understand how it can help your company, let’s … Read more