Head Mounted Displays

A head mounted display, or HMD, is a display device worn on the head. It is a part of a helmet and contains a small display optic for each eye. They have many uses, including gaming, aviation, engineering, medicine, and more. Some HMDs are also used in virtual reality headsets. A virtual reality headset uses … Read more

The 4 Key Elements to Virtual Reality

What are the 4 key elements to virtual reality? This article explores each element in turn. Interactivity, sensory feedback, and Immersion are just a few of the four elements that make up a virtual reality experience. While they may seem simple, they are incredibly important to creating a fully immersive experience for users. Fortunately, today’s … Read more

How to Use Assistive Technology to Get the Most Out of Your Virtual Visits

For the best results, utilize an assistive technology such as HealthLinkNow or Mass General Brigham. These applications can help you communicate effectively with your physician. You can use these tools to request an appointment or discuss your health concerns with a healthcare professional. Using assistive technology can help you communicate effectively and efficiently with your … Read more

The Three Main Types of Virtual Reality

There are three basic types of virtual reality: Immersive, Interactive, and Semi-immersive. Each of them is different from the other, but they have a few common characteristics. Read on to learn more about the differences and see how these types of VR work. You will be surprised to see how quickly VR has become a … Read more

4D Virtual Reality and Its Benefits in the Classroom

As VR technology advances, its potential applications are expanding. Some industries, such as construction, design, and architecture, are already using VR to share data and design projects. 3D Repo and Bryden Wood are two companies that understand the varying stages of design and construction projects and have developed cutting-edge technologies. VR is an effective way … Read more